Annual Meeting on 2/9/2019

The Friends of Lake View Hill Park will hold their Annual Meeting on Saturday, February 9th from 10am to 12pm. The meeting will be in the Dane County Human Services Building, formerly the Lake View Sanatorium located at 1202 Northport Drive.

2018 Annual Meeting on Feb. 17th

The Annual Meeting of the Friends of Lake View Hill Park (FOLVHP) will be held on Saturday, Feb 17th from 10 am to 12 pm. The meeting will be in the large conference overlooking Lake View Hill in the Dane County Human Services building, formerly known as the Old San! The street address is 1202 Northport Drive and […]

Enlisting Volunteers Eyes and Ears in the Park

The Lake View Hill Park and Dane County Human Services Campus have recently undergone an exciting transformation with the restoration of the fountain, the new water reservoir, and the Nurses Dorm Veranda Memorial that will include several historic plaques. Unfortunately, an ongoing concern will be the temptation for some individuals to do mischief and or […]

Update on Reservoir Landscaping Timeline

6/4/2017 – The Madison Water Utility has updated the schedule for the landscaping around the new reservoir. The site has been too wet for Greener Valley Landscaping, the contractor for the project, to complete their work so they have been granted an extension for completing the WEST side of the site to June 10th.   […]