Enlisting Volunteers Eyes and Ears in the Park

The Lake View Hill Park and Dane County Human Services Campus have recently undergone an exciting transformation with the restoration of the fountain, the new water reservoir, and the Nurses Dorm Veranda Memorial that will include several historic plaques. Unfortunately, an ongoing concern will be the temptation for some individuals to do mischief and or serious damage to these features or other parts of the park. The Friends of Lake View Hill Park is enlisting volunteers to help keep an eye out and report on damage or activity that might result in damage.

If you visit the park regularly and want to help, contact friends@lakeviewhill.org and let us know. We want to make this simple and fairly informal but it would be great to know who wants to be part of this eyes and ears “team” effort! Then…

  • If you see damage, send an email to friends@lakeviewhill.org or a text to 608-217-6022. (please text rather than call)
  • If you can, take and send a picture or make note of when/what/where you saw something
  • If you actually witness criminal behavior call 911 if warranted or more likely the city non-emergency number 255-2345 and provide as much detail as you can
  • You are not be expected, and in fact are discouraged from intervening if you see any inappropriate behavior. Instead, just make a note or take pictures of where and what you saw.

The most important job is to just frequent and enjoy the park on a regular basis. And then just be aware and “say something if you see something.” And let’s not be overly suspicious as we do want the park to be welcoming to all, young and old!