Photo Album

A new collection was added in 2018 called the Helen E. Rhode (1925-2013 Photo Collection. Helen E. Rhode was a patient at the Lake View Sanatorium from September 1949 to September 1950. The photos have been provided by her daughter Susan Ballard, a former Friends Board Member and neighbor of the park. Click below to see the 22 photos shared to the Friends of Lake View Hill Park.

The following is a collection of photo albums of our activities over the years and wildlife with whom we share the Lake View Hill Park.

Thank you to local photographer Noel Anderson who shares his great Lake View Hill Park photos on Lakeview Woods on Flikr .

Thank you for many of these great bird photos to our former local resident and photographer Joleen.  See more of her great photos of birds and flowers at her blog –  Joleen’s Photo Blog

If you have any great photos to share, post them on our Facebook page or email them to