Lake View Reservoir

Sent on 11/27/17
I am pleased to report that the Lake View Reservoir Reconstruction Project is complete and fully functional.
A big thank you to all the people who worked on this project. The project had lots of parties from many different areas including Dane County Human Services, Dane County Parks, Friends of Lake View Hill Park, interested neighbors, Madison Radio, Madison Real Estate, Cell Carriers, Dane County Regional Airport, and many other interested people. We could not have completed this project without the hard work of every single person. The project had many different pieces; the new reservoir project, two pipeline projects, and a landscaping contract. This all happening over two and one half years at the same time the County was demolishing the Nurses Dorm and constructing storm drainage facilities. Long hours of coordination and discussion of every facet of the work went into getting this all done.
Dealing with construction for an extended period is never easy. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding throughout this project. Please accept our gratitude.
We invite you to visit our project web page from time to time for additional project information.
Al Larson, PE, BCEE – Principal Engineer
Madison Water Utility
608.225.9131 (Cell)

Sent on 11/20/17 A recent email from Al Larson, Madison Water Utility – a message excerpt”

“Back during the design of the Lake View Reservoir, then Alder Anita Weier asked me to measure and report the RF from the antennas on the Lake View Reservoir. I promised Alder Weier that I would do that when the tank was complete. The field measurements were completed this fall and we received a report on the survey. That report is attached for your information and use.

Click here for the link to the PDF document.