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route-options-exhibit-1-6-700x556Now that the new Lake View Water Tower is in service, Madison Water Utility will begin the second phase of upgrading water mains to support the new, larger reservoir. Phase 1 main upgrades were completed in 2014 and consisted of new transmission mains from the existing booster station to the reservoir. The phase 2 water main installation is slated for the 2017 construction season.

Finding a feasible and acceptable route from Northport Drive to the new water reservoir has been a challenge. The image above shows the routes that have been explored and currently only # 3 and # 4 are still under consideration. Please see the link below for a larger image and details.

The Board of the Friends of Lake View Hill Park will not be taking a position on a proposed water main route from Northport Dr to the new Lake View Reservoir. All of the considered routes, both inside and outside of the park will have negative impacts. As Board members of the Friends group our primary focus is on the impact to the park’s historic relics. But the majority of Board members are also Lake View neighbors and many share concerns about the potential impact to trees and neighbors. Our Board was split on the issue and therefore will remain neutral.
If the route currently being proposed by the Madison Water Utility that will cut through the east corner of the rock wall is chosen, the Friends would like to be involved in the planning for the rock wall reconstruction. Once it is demolished and relocated it will not be the historic relic that it is now but we would like to help ensure that it is reconstructed with as much historical integrity as possible. If this option is chosen, we also hope to work with Dane County Parks to have the entire wall improved so that the end result will be a strengthened and improved, albeit permanently altered, rock wall.
If any other options are reconsidered, we would want special effort made to avoid or minimize damage to park features, reduce the loss of trees, and be respectful of adjacent properties.

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LAKE VIEW RESERVOIR (1320 Lake View Avenue) provides water storage and fire protection to a large portion of the Lake View Hill Neighborhood Association.  It was built in 1938 to supply water to the Lake View Sanatorium. This reservoir is undersized and has reached the end of its useful life.  The Water utility is constructing a larger reservoir, as well as using the site to improve water storage to the remainder of the city’s north and east side. The water tower deconstruction of the old and construction of the new tower will be coordinated around the demolition of the Nurse’s Dorm. Significant landscaping and storm water management work will also occur as part of these two efforts.


Nov 11, 2016 Update from Al Larson, Madison Water Utility: The temporary construction fencing will be removed from around the Lake View Reservoir on Monday November 21st. We are planning to remove the weeds that have grown up east of the tank inside the temporary fencing next week. The Parking Lot will be repaved on the morning of November 15th and the full parking lot will be opened to the general public. Anyone working at the site will be notified to not block any parking stalls without prior approval after the 15thWe are expecting to have the Lake View Reservoir fully operational on the 21stCity Radio has been installing new antenna’s on the new tower and will be removing their equipment from the mono pole in the next couple of weeks. The three Cell Carriers will start moving their equipment off the mono pole onto the new tank on Monday the 28th of November. The site is being graded and protected for the winter months. Landscaping of the site will be completed in the spring under separate contract.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this long construction period.

April 6, 2016 update on the Lake View Reservoir construction: The steel tank erection is coming to an end. A lift of the completed roof plate is planned for Wednesday morning April 13th (weather permitting of course). To accomplish this lift, Landmark is bringing in a 400 ton crane on Tuesday the 12th. There are two lifts planned for Wednesday morning. The first will occur around 8:00 a.m. and will involve the center access tube for the upper tank. This 60-inch diameter 33 foot long tube will form the center of the upper reservoir and provide climbing access to the roof.

The roof lift will be the 60 foot diameter domed steel roof plate weighing close to 20 tons. This lift is anticipated to occur between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. as it rises to approximately 140 feet above the ground. Following the attachment of the roof plate, railings, and antenna brackets will be attached finishing up the erection of the Lake View Reservoir.

Painting of the reservoir is scheduled to begin in May and take about 12 weeks to complete. The painting process is very dependent on the weather. Painting is scheduled to be finished in early August. Final site work, grading and landscaping will occur in September and October. The Cell Carriers will reinstall their equipment on the new tower late this year.

The next two phases of the project will be include the replacement of the water line from Northport Drive and the Esch Lane Connection, scheduled for 2017 and an upgrade of the water booster pumping station located at the end of Lake View Avenue, scheduled for 2018.

We appreciate your patience and understanding throughout this major construction project as we update and improve our water supply infrastructure.

Al Larson
Principal Engineer – Water

Tower Final Color Plan