Dane County Parks and the Friends of Lake View Hill Park have been working on a multi-year restoration of native species in the woods and in the meadow areas.

  • Volunteer Workdays are held regularly.
  • To get notices of planned activities, email to friends@lakeviewhill.org to be added to an email list
  • To see the 2016 Work Plan – CLICK HERE. This plan was presented to  to Dane County Parks by the Friends of Lake View Hill Park to guide our efforts for 2016.

Click for Restoration Area Map

Wisconsin Invasive Species Resources

The Friends are indebted to Applied Ecological Services and Ecologist Susan Lehnhardt in particular for her early vision and leadership in developing a ten year plan which continues to help guide our work today. While we now work with other contractors for various work projects, none will ever bring the passion and commitment to our woods like Susan. We hope to be able to walk the park with her in a few years with pride at what has been accomplished thanks to her early guidance.