Lake View Hill Park is perched on a hill overlooking the Northside of Madison in Dane County, Wisconsin.  This 48 acre park is the former site of the Lake View Sanatorium, built in 1930 for the treatment of tuberculosis. The property includes:

  • 26 acres of upper woodlands
  • 15 acres of meadows, including the original great lawn
  • and the original sanatorium buildings that now house the Dane County Human Services Department.


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Friends of Lake View Hill ParkNote - this photo isn’t from this year but soon !

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Hi everyone - well the weather is not exactly cooperating with spring is it! I never thought I’d say that I missed seeing garlic mustard!

So ... slight change of plans for this Saturday’s event. We will still try to do some clean-up if there is trash around but are thrilled to introduce a new Bluebird Trail to the Park. Please join us for this on Saturday, 1pm to 3pm. Meet near the water tower. For more details see below.


Join Madison FUN Bird Buddies Paul Noeldner and Joyce Burmester to help assemble Bluebird Houses. Learn about BRAW Bluebird Restoration of Wisconsin and about Bluebirds and other cavity nesters that need our help. We will install and dedicate one of the houses. Folks who want to stick around can help put up the rest of the houses.

Then enjoy watching the birds and their young this sumner! All native birds and nests are federally protected and only trained Bluebird Monitors should approach and open the boxes. People are welcome to join Joyce Burmester when she monitors the boxes each week during nesting season to take a peek at the wonderful birds and the development of eggs, chicks and fledglings and learn more about birds and Citizen Science.

We hope to see you and to see some signs of spring!
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